Online Behavioral Consultation

Online Behaviorist

Behavioral consultations for pets do not have to take place at your home or stationary elsewhere.

In certain cases, when the pet’s problem does not require a home visit, it is possible to conduct an online behavioral consultation.

For Whom?

Behavioral consultations are intended for your pets.


What Does a Consultation Look Like?

Before our virtual meeting I can ask you for recording a video that shows the problematic behavior of your pet.

  • Making a diagnosis

    During the consultation, I make a diagnosis of your pet's problematic behavior.

  • Based on the diagnosis, I prepare a therapy plan that includes all the necessary elements of therapy tailored to your pet's problems.

  • Then I present methods of learning dog behavior useful in everyday life, e.g. the command to stay, leave, return, learn to recall.

  • After the consultation, I prepare a report in which I include detailed information about your dog's or cat's behavioral problem and a clear behavior therapy plan.

  • The report ends with the analysis of emotions using the EMRA method, mood analysis and the balance of the daily needs of the dog or cat.

  • In addition, I am sending a report with recommendations to the veterinarian who is leading your four-legged friend.

    Some problems require a visit to the veterinarian (on your own). Thanks to this, we can rule out the animal's health problems that contribute to the problematic behavior, e.g. aggression resulting from Cushing's disease.

  • If additional questions arise after consultation, we remain in contact by phone or e-mail.

    Two weeks after the first consultation, I am contacting me with a question about the first effects of the therapy.


Below you will find packages that cover behavioral consultation. Choose the one that suits you best and leave the rest to me!

Online Behavioral Consultation

200 pln

  • Single Consultation
  • 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Recognition of the Problem
  • Comprehensive Therapy

The listed service prices include:


A detailed report after each consultation with recommendations for caregivers, and when the situation requires a report to the veterinarian with a request to prescribe medication

Access to the place of residence at no extra charge on the territory of Warsaw ( up to 30km).

We also stay in touch after the consultation, I am interested in the progress of all my charges

Does your pet have a problem that does not require a home visit?


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