About Me

Kamila Wiśniewska

Animal Behaviorist

My name is Kamila Wiśniewska. I am a canine and feline behaviorist and a member of the behaviorist and trainer association COAPE- CAPBT.

I am happy to teach your pet the right behavior and suggest how to communicate with him and how to understand his needs. I LOVE ANIMALS, therefore I will make the relationship with your Friend as good as possible!

My knowledge and passion combined with your commitment will help strengthen the bond between you and your pet, as well as work through the problematic behavior of the dog or cat.

Organizations I belong to:

COAPE is used as a training institution, which includes the support of experts in the field, animal welfare requirements of veterinarians, psychologists, trainers, animal nutritionists, educators.

As a member of the CAPBT association, I have the opportunity to constantly expand my knowledge. My membership in the association also guarantees the highest level of services I provide, and also enables supervision and verification of my work.

Why Me?

I will help both you and your pet!

Individual Approach

I never use permanent and universal methods of working with pets. I always try to approach each case individually and focus on developing the desired behaviors that will be the result of the therapy used.

Knowledge and Experience

The basis of my work is the continuous process of expanding my knowledge. Learning animals how to behave can’t be based only on the intuition of a behaviorist, often we should go deeper, therefore knowledge in the field of biology, ethology and psychology as well as experience in working with animals is very useful.


During therapy, I focus my attention on both the pet and the owner. By teaching the pet new behaviors, it also shows the owners how to cooperate with the dog or cat, how to play with it, what training methods to use, etc.


During therapy and training, I show pet owners how important balance, peace and a positive attitude are. Thanks to this, you will learn how to communicate with your pet, what gestures to use and what verbal commands to use.

Do you have a problem with your Pet and you don't know how to solve it?

Or maybe his behavior keeps you and your family awake at night and makes you tired of the whole situation? Do not worry! I am here to help you with your pet

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