Learning Dog Behavior

Dogs Training

We can arrange an hour-long training session with your dog at your home. This is ideal if you do not have enough time to attend a dog nursery or it is too stressful for your dog.

Learning basic commands based on positive reinforcement is beneficial for increasing the self-confidence of dogs, especially those that struggle with fearfulness or reactivity.

Knowledge of basic commands such as:

  • Sit Down
  • Stay
  • Bring
  • Leave It
  • Command "no"

enhances the dog’s social competences and thus positively affects the quality of your life.

Some dogs learn faster, others slower. However, all of them, regardless of their abilities, need to know when they are doing the right thing.

K . Cantrell

Price List

Below you will find packages that cover dog training. Choose the one that suits you best and leave the rest to me!

Single Workout

140 pln

  • One-time Visit
  • 1 Hour of Training
  • Only with your Pet
  • A set of instructions for you

Training Series

500 pln

  • Training Session
  • 6 Hours of Training
  • Only with your Pet
  • Time of Meetings Tailored to Your Needs

The listed service prices include:


A detailed report after each consultation with recommendations for caregivers, and when the situation requires a report to the veterinarian with a request to prescribe medication

Access to the place of residence at no extra charge on the territory of Warsaw ( up to 30km).

We also stay in touch after the consultation, I am interested in the progress of all my charges

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